After the very first EP "Don't stop me baby" released for Pirames International, Noise Pollution are focused in a constant improvement of their sound, trying every day to make it more raw and elaborate, but always in line with the classic style of Rock'n'roll. In the following years the band keep on with numerous gigs all around the italian ground, and finally in 2011 release his first Self titled full album. Distributed by Brc/Self and characterized by an Hard'n'heavy style influenced with Punk and Crossover, this record obtain a positive response and a very good evaluation by the critic of all Europe, elements valid for the band to share the stage with big internazional artist like Black Stone Cherry, Hardcore Superstar, Deathstars, The 69 Eyes and Wednesday 13, and also by touring all around Europe some independent tours with other support bands. The song writing process go on during this years with also a couple of important line up changes that makes the band different once again. New songs are in fact more metal and they will go straight to make up the tracklist of the new album in a demo version between the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016. After partecipating important festivals like Pistoia Blues supporting Black Label Society and The Darkness, and other stage sharing situations with artist as Airboune and Cinderella's Tom Keifer during 2015's summer and fall, the band now await the release of their second full lenght album "Unreal" previewed in october 2016. An italian unplugged tour just finished and some appointment like the Kimera Rock Festival in L'Aquila supporting once again The Darkness for the spring/summer period of this year will bringh the band straigh to that day.



☠☠☠🔥🔥🔥 MAD IS OUT NOW!!!! 🔥🔥🔥☠☠☠
'MAD' is the first single from Noise Pollution's new album 'Unreal'

This song is taken from the album Unreal and is about the double personality that every one of us own inside, it's a journey through the complex web of emotions that make up the human body and questions on their appearance, some good... some bad!

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'MAD' is the first single from Noise Pollution's new album 'Unreal', out October 14th on Scarlet Records. Directed by Max Valerio Make Up: Michela Dall'olio ...

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⚡️⚡️⚡️With this pic we would very like to thanks all the people for coming out yesterday evening in Bologna at I Love Rock & Roll • Bologna • Free Entry! party at Parco del Cavaticcio, also thanking Cassero LGBT center and all the people of their staff, Mario Vox, Acid Muffin and as always K2 MUSIC MANAGEMENT for all the support! Remembering to all of you that tomorrow MAD's new video clip will be available via Scarlet Records's YouTube channel we invite you to watch it, like it and share it like there's no tomorrow!!!
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💥💥💥It's been a long time, and it has took even more to be reality, physically touchable, four years to be honest, but now is here and ready to be shared to all of you. This is the face of 'Unreal', this is the cover of our brand new album. It means hours and hours of sacrifice, head squeeze, brain storms, long drives, unconfortable sleeping, and sometimes of strenght loss as just any other musician can understand.
That's why we are proud of it, that's why we are happy that the wait is going to an end. It will take another month, but then... Ladies and Gents, this is how 'Unreal' looks like, we hope you like it!💥💥💥


1. Breaking down
2. MAD
3. Gone forever
4. Shame
5. Unreal
6. God of sadness
7. Hole inside me
8. Two faced
9. We can't forget
10.Full of dreams

UNREAL release party - NOISE FEST back in town
NOISE FEST back in town

#UNREAL is coming.

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